- Who are we and what do we do?

Who are we and do we do? We are Design Lemn and we have the offices in Avrig, Sibiu County. We have more than 20 years’ experience in working with wood. What exactly do we do? We build from wood starting with houses, cottages, vacation houses, churches, continuing with gazebos, terraces, pergolas, storage spaces - storeroom type and finishing with garden furniture, interior stairs, classical or wooden framed triple glazed doors and windows.

Where do you find us? The offices are in Avrig, but our works can be seen throughout the country and not beyond. So, you can find our works starting from the East – in Roman, Piatra Neamt, Giurgiu, Constanta; in the South – in Gorj, Orsova; in the center of the country – in Brasov, Campina, Arefu, Porumbacu, Avrig Valley, Transalpina; up to west – in Covaci, Fantanele; but also abroad – in Greece, Austria, Italy and not only. Our houses integrate perfectly both in the urban and rural areas, being appropriate for all kinds of terrain.

Why should we choose wood as building material? Nowadays this is a very legitimate question. As the wood comes from nature it is one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials. Then, the wooden houses are much cheaper than the ones from classical masonry. Another advantage is that the wood, being made of longitudinal fibers which, after drying, eliminate water and fill with air functioning as barriers against the heat and noise transfer, it is a good thermal insulator. Another plus is represented by the fact that the wood is both light and strong – which gives an excellent structural resistance, but the reduced weight exerts a lower load on the foundation. And, last but nu least, the wood best induces the idea of nature, inspiring warmth and relaxation, which has spiritual benefits for the inhabitants of the house.

How do we work? You already have an idea, maybe even a sketch about how the project you dream about is going to look like. So, we are waiting for you to tell us a few words or to show us your project, and then together with our team you will go through all the designing steps so that you will obtain exactly what you wish for.

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