- What additional services we offer?

The core business is the construction of various wooden objects from houses, chalets, vacation houses, churches, continuing with gazebos, terraces, garages, storerooms, garden furniture and ending with classical or wooden framed triple glazed doors and windows. Beside all these we also offer maintenance services, treatment and staining anytime it is necessary for reconditioning, interior walls insulation.

Why reconditioning is needed? For any type of house, a minimum of maintenance is required. The same is in the case of wooden houses or objects, it is necessary to inspect and in case we observe irregularities to apply a new layer of stain or of corresponding treatment – either antifungal, fungicides or waterproofing. All these can be handled by our team, so that the treatment is applied professionally, extending the lifetime of the wood to the initial parameters and preserving the quality and the properties of the construction.

Why should we insulate the interior walls? The wood is already a thermoinsulating material, but the insulation of the interior walls will reduce even more the loss of heat. Beside this big plus, the thermoinsulation has also other advantages: it reduces the risk of dampness thus increasing the lifetime and guaranteeing a healthy air; it insures an enhanced thermal comfort during summer. A proper insulation will prevent heat transfer from the inside to the outside and vice versa maintaining a constant temperature all year long, so during summer the heat will not plunge inside and during winter it will not be lost through the walls.

Depending on the surface and the destination of the construction our team is at your disposal, putting at work all its building experience, so you can choose the best solution for your project.


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