- From dream to reality

We own a small piece of land or we have an unused space in the yard of the house and we would like either to build a house, a chalet, a vacation house either to fill that space with a terrace or a gazebo. This is the first step for our dream to become reality – the desire.

For any king of construction, we have to go through a several steps:

  1. To wish to have the respective construction
  2. To document regarding what best suits our desires
  3. To sketch the model that we want
  4. To draw up the model
  5. To obtain all the necessary documents
  6. The actual construction

First step being checked what follows is to document ourselves and depending on various factors such as the surface of the land, the destination that we want to give to the construction, the budget to decide which model fits best on the determined parameters but also on our wishes.

Having a model set up what follows is to draw a sketch and then to design the construction. At this point you can already use the help of our team who, based on the details you provide, will help you to sketch and design the construction so that you meet 100% your wishes but also your needs and requirements.

Once the final project has been established what follows is for us to start working, and for you to get all the necessary document as well as to insure the foundation for the construction.

After obtaining all the documents and after the foundation is ready, we can begin the actual construction so that it will become reality in the shortest possible time.